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At OUAW, we pride ourselves on creating extraordinary experiences that define the essence of high-end weddings in this beautiful country. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team specializes in the art of high-end wedding planning in France, offering a level of sophistication and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Our passion lies in creating bespoke celebrations that exude elegance and style, making us your first choice for high-end wedding planning services. We have the expertise to create the perfect high-end wedding in France, and we put it to work for our clients.

As leaders in wedding planning, we understand that high-end wedding planning in France isn't just a phrase; it's our commitment to excellence at every stage of your wedding.

Our approach to high-end wedding planning in France is distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to making your dreams come true. Every wedding we design is imbued with our commitment to high-end wedding planning. From the meticulous selection of renowned suppliers to the impeccable coordination of every step, we work in harmony to guarantee a high-end wedding in France that will leave a lasting impression..


Love is in the details, and it's in those details that we create magical weddings.

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Thanks to our network of privileged contacts, we can open the doors to the most prestigious wedding venues in France. Whether you're dreaming of a wedding in a majestic château, in the heart of a picturesque wine-growing estate or in a luxurious seaside hotel, we'll find the ideal setting that embodies French charm. When you work with us, you also benefit from preferential rates negotiated with our partners...

As experienced wedding planners, we'll create a ceremony tailored to your beliefs and traditions. Whether you want a religious, secular or symbolic ceremony, we'll personalize every detail to ensure your love and commitment shine through. From the choice of music to moving speeches, we'll orchestrate every moment to create an unforgettable, emotional ceremony that reflects you.

Our team of exceptional wedding decorators transforms venues into enchanting spaces that captivate the senses. By harmonizing your color palette, personal style and favorite theme, we create a visually captivating ambiance. From elegant floral arrangements to bespoke decorative elements, every detail is carefully chosen to create a cohesive, enchanting aesthetic that will leave your guests in awe.

We collaborate with renowned chefs and talented caterers to bring an exceptional culinary experience to your wedding. From gourmet menus to vegetarian options, every dish is carefully crafted to satisfy every palate. Our attention to detail is also reflected in the presentation, where each plate becomes a work of culinary art, creating a memorable taste experience for you and your guests.


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To keep your guests entertained, we offer a full range of high-end entertainment options. From live music by talented bands to professional DJs and performers, we make sure your wedding is a party to remember. Our experienced team coordinates all the entertainment perfectly, ensuring smooth transitions between the key moments of your wedding, guaranteeing an electric atmosphere that lasts until the end of the night.

Our team of talented photographers and videographers is dedicated to capturing every precious moment of your day. Thanks to their expertise, your memories will be transformed into visual works of art, immortalizing the emotion, beauty and love of your high-end wedding in France. We work in harmony with our clients to understand their artistic vision, ensuring photos and videos that tell a unique and timeless story, one you'll cherish for generations to come.

Our coordination service is the backbone of the success of your high-end wedding in France. Our experienced coordinators ensure that every element of your day is perfectly orchestrated, from managing timing to tracking suppliers, to quickly resolving any unforeseen circumstances. We allow you to enjoy your day stress-free and worry-free, knowing that we're there to handle every detail, ensuring a smooth, high-end wedding. 

We believe that love has no boundaries or limits, and we're proud to offer expertise dedicated to LGBTQ+ wedding planning. Our team of high-end wedding planners in France are particularly attentive to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ brides and grooms, and work with sensitivity and respect to create a space where love and authenticity are celebrated. We're here to make your LGBTQ+ wedding a moment of love, acceptance and joy, where you can be yourself without reservation.