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We're your undisputed choice for wedding planners in France, specializing in the prestigious destinations of Lyon, Nice, Paris and Bordeaux. Our passion lies in creating unique weddings.

As experts in high-end wedding planning, we turn your dreams into reality. Each wedding we orchestrate is a unique piece, carefully designed to reflect your style and personality.

Our dedicated team, drawn from the world of high-end events, guides you every step of the way, from planning to execution. We pay meticulous attention to detail, so you can make the most of every moment of your special day.

When you choose our wedding planning agency in France, you choose elegance, creativity and exclusivity. Discover how we can make your wedding an unforgettable event in France's most prestigious venues.

Our expertise as a wedding planner in France translates into tailor-made weddings in sumptuous settings. Every project we undertake is the result of a close collaboration with you, because your vision is our compass.

From Lyon to Bordeaux, via Nice and Paris, we draw on our in-depth knowledge of these destinations to create unique and memorable experiences. Your wedding will be more than just a ceremony, it will be an expression of your love and style, meticulously planned and executed. When you choose our wedding planning agency in France, you're choosing a passionate team who will bring your dreams to life. Come and discover the magic we can bring to your special day.


Enjoy every moment of your wedding - we'll take care of the details for you.

About You

Are you looking for a wedding planner in France who will bring your most precious dreams to life? You've found your ideal partner.

If you're here, it's probably because planning your wedding seems like an insurmountable challenge. Don't worry, we're here to make things easier for you.

Our French wedding planning agency is distinguished by its commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Whether you have specific ideas or are looking for inspiration, we're here to turn your vision into a stunning reality.

With Once Upon a Wedding, you can relax in the knowledge that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to live your special day to the full. Trust our expertise to turn your dreams into reality.

Jai eu loccasion dassister à une très belle célébration organisée par Maxime de lagence Once upon wedding, et jai été bluffé par la qualité de la prestation. Une attention toute particulière a été portée à la décoration et à la coordination. Tous nos invités étaient ravis, et cette réception a été une très belleréussite, en grande partie grace à Vous


About Me

What a pleasure it was to be accompanied by Maxime for the construction and accompaniment of our event. His professionalism, invaluable advice, sense of detail and meticulousness, not to mention his joie de vivre, made our evening a great success. He's a professional I'd recommend with my eyes closed to anyone who asked me. With him, your event will be assured of complete peace of mind.

Thanks again to Maxime for doing so much for us!


Maxime is a virtuoso in the art of high-end wedding planning, creating memorable experiences from an exceptional range of talents. He has built a solid foundation where art and creativity merge harmoniously.

His career has taken him to the four corners of the globe as a choreographer and event maestro for renowned hotel establishments, both in France and abroad. These experiences have immersed him in the richness of the world's cultures and given him essential project management skills.

One of Maxime's most outstanding qualities is his ability to listen attentively to customers, enabling him to create tailor-made events that capture the very essence of their dreams. His ability to adapt to many cultures, acquired through his international experience, is a major asset in meeting the diverse needs of his customers.

Above all, Maxime pays special attention to LGBT weddings, celebrating love and unity with unwavering sensitivity and inclusivity. With him as your wedding planner, every detail of your wedding becomes a work of art, every moment an unforgettable memory.

Why choose me as your wedding planner?

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Unrivalled expertise

We are renowned for our ability to create sumptuous and unique weddings, perfectly combining current trends with timeless traditions.

Luxury Venues

As renowned wedding planners, we have privileged relationships with the most exclusive wedding venues in France. You can count on us to offer you a choice of exceptional venues

Full customization 

We pay meticulous attention to personalization, from color and flower selection to gourmet menus, to create a wedding that truly reflects you.


We are renowned for our ability to anticipate potential problems and resolve them discreetly, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.


We're constantly on the lookout for the latest wedding trends, and our creative team excels in designing unique elements, from invitations to decor, for a wedding that surprises and delights.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team is on hand at all times to answer your questions, resolve your concerns and offer you warm, professional customer service.